Designing journals has been a bedrock of my studio practice for years. The idea of "making a book" surprises and delights me every day and I feel an immense pride when I tell people, "I make books".


Commissions- I happily accept commissions. I have created journals to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries and special trips. I print photos and emails onto the journal pages and create pockets to save cards and keepsakes. Several of my commissions have taken

 wonderful trips overseas. 

Binding Style- Primarily, I work in long stitch binding which sews pages directly to a cover creating a beautiful stitching pattern on the spine of the journal. I also work with Coptic style and Medieval style bindings. I chose these binding styles as they allow for the journal to lie flat when opened.

Paper Selection- I use a beautiful Mohawk paper in my journals and this paper loves the pen. At 70 lbs, text weight with a smooth eggshell finish, this paper is a delight to the hand. I use other kinds of papers in journals, as well. Vintage maps, sheet music, and old recipes find their way into my journals. I scatter a few of these interesting papers throughout the journal. I believe that a blank journal is a bit intimidating. So, the addition of some quirky papers makes the journal fun and gives my clients a way to connect with the journal.

Journal Covers- Long stitch binding is beautifully executed with a leather cover and leather plays a big role in my work. I do, however, crave a challenge. So, I have used old wood, 45 rpm records and vintage bingo cards as journal covers. My hoarding tendencies have paid off in the use of skeleton keys, vintage jewelry, and funky buttons in the journal closure.

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